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To you always… I love you!

Not long ago, a lady I meet only twice lost one of her beautiful kids. Our kids were friends and my son adored them. When I found out about the terrible news, I started typing a text message to her but I deleted it multiple times. I didn't know what to text. It was hard to find the right words to let her know “I'm with you.” I was thinking; “I only met her twice”, “ I don't know the feeling of losing a child”, and “Is a text appropriate”. I prayed as my heart was hurting for her and her other kids. I saw my son grieving at the loss of his friend and I felt a multitude of different emotions that I thought only God could help me understand. I felt for that twin brother that just lost the one that has been by his side all his life, a little sister that just lost one of her older brothers, and a mother that just lost one of the blessings God gave her. God! I tried to imagine how painful it would be but I couldn't imagine. I finally texted her and I wrote that “I will be praying and I'm here for you.” I wasn't happy with that message but that was the only words my heart felt at that moment. After that we texted some more and I saw her at the funeral. I saw the pain in her eyes and when I hugged her I felt her pain in my heart. I had never felt anything like that, It was a pain that only God can ease (Matthew 5:4). It was a pain that no medicine can cure or a countless amount of words could describe. After that day, I knew that I needed to be present for her and her kids as a friend, actually a new friend. Since that day, I have seen a mom grieving a slow process, a brother looking for answers, and a little sister accommodating her life to a new reality. I have to admit that I have a tremendous amount of admiration for all of them. The courage to dry the tears and hide the pain in order to accept the reality in front of others, doesn't make it okay but is the only thing we can do to move forward. As for me, I can tell you that that lady I met twice has become more than just a friend. She is like a sister. I also have one new niece and two new nephews. Why three? Because even though I didn't meet Landin, I know he is going to live in my heart always because I got to know about him through them. We don't know Gods plan but something I do know is that He allowed me to feel her pain in order for us to create that understanding bond that makes friends feel like family.

To you always… I love you!


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