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Looking for an excuse…

Day two: A day full of surprises. There were 26 of us on the last Friday class. We all removed our shoes and socks preparing to walk on glass. I remember me sitting, removing my socks, and making excuses in my mind to avoid what I thought It would be a painful process. Dave Alvin walked us through the process to make sure we would have a life changing experience. I offered to take pictures and videos, “that would keep me out of sight “ I thought. My brain was spinning with a great number of excuses and lots of fear. I worked on a few of my excuses: “I can say I'm dizzy” or “I didn't take my heart medicine and I don't feel good”. It was incredible how fast excuses came to me like an open book, a book full of excuses to avoid reality. While the line was getting shorter, I saw lots of people walk through the glass and something clicked. I realized and I understood that I have been doing this all my life. I have been making excuses. I handed my camera to a friend and I finally did it, I walked on glass! That was the moment that I needed. That was the moment that has been holding me. No more excuses, I won't let fear control me. I did it and it felt great! After that day, things have been different. I started taking my life back in every single way with no more excuses. I re-committed to church and most importantly to God. I started college classes and eating healthier. I had a minor surgery on my back that I was terrified to have for years. I started writing, it is one of my passions, but never took the time to do it using the excuse “I don't have time right now”. I think one of the most important parts of the lesson is that I am committed to myself. Sometimes it is good to sit down, write your goals, and analyze what is keeping you away from making them possible. Maybe it's fear, a book of excuses, or maybe it's the need of someone to believe in you. I believe in you! I really do! For so long, I let fear take control of me. In many ways, I am very proud of my accomplishments and I am extremely grateful for the great people that make this moment possible for me. I have a list of people responsible because like I say: “you work hard but by your side there are people that help you and support you during the process”. I say it took two days and one person to change my life. It actually took 2 days and 3 gentlemen to change my life. Ben Willis, Bryan Moore and Dave Alvin. This is a thank you note for them. Ephesians 1:16. Sometimes we just make decisions that we have no idea how big the impact will be on individuals. When Ben and Brian said “yes” to me for this class, it gave me the opportunity to be part of the Leadership Caldwell Class. That opportunity changed the way I see, do, and plan to do things. Once again thank you! This is just a portion of all the accomplishments since the program started.



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